Manuel Rodriguez Signature Legacy Maestro Guitars Flamenco FF Sabicas

SRP 4.098,00 EUR

  • Made in Europe
  • The legendary flamenco guitarist SABICAS (Agustín Castellón Campos 1912-1990) loved and played Manuel Rodríguez flamenco guitars.
  • Today's Sabicas models were developed as a tribute to him.
  • Beautiful flamenco guitar, fully solid with German spruce top and cypress wood body.
  • Enormously percussive sound with volume, power, projection and brilliance.
  • Ebony reinforced neck, red-white-black binding and ebony fingerboard.
  • The back is striking with a beautiful strip of Indian rosewood. This model comes with a Prestige case and transparent pickguard (Golpeador).
  • Handmade in the Spanish workshop of Manuel Rodríguez in Esquivias, Toledo.
  • Fully solid maestro flamenco guitar with cutaway and electro-acoustic equipment
  • Woods from the private stock of the Rodríguez family
  • Custom-made in the private workshop of Manuel Rodríguez
  • Long scale length (660mm)
  • Solid German spruce top
  • Solid 5-piece back made of cypress and Indian rosewood
  • Solid cypress sides
  • Lightweight cedro neck with ebony inlay and ebony fingerboard
  • Original Spanish heel
  • Original RUBNER custom machine head with MR engraving, satin finish or WITTNER flamenco tuning pegs
  • Nut and bridge inlay hand-filed from oiled vintage bone
  • Oil varnish
  • Stringing: Hannabach 815HTC Silver-Special special set with CARBON diamond strings, high tension, Made in Germany
  • With GEWA PRESTIGE ARCHED case, wooden core, domed lid, antique brass fittings and locks
  • With transparent pickguard (golpeador)
  • Electro-acoustic equipment with pickup with preamplifier
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open pore, oiled
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Mastery in craftsmanship.

SIGNATURE LEGACY is the concentration of decades of experience in guitar making in the Rodríguez family.

Luthier Manuel Rodríguez III builds exquisite guitars in his private workshop on the Iberian Peninsula, 100% by hand from precious tonewoods. Some of these woods have been in the family for generations and some are up to 50 years old.

These exquisite gems have all the characteristics that distinguish a masterful classical guitar.

Each top is individually selected by hand.

Nothing other than the original Spanish heel construction comes into consideration for the light cedro neck. In this royal class of guitar making, the one-piece neck extends into the body and is directly connected to the sides, back and top. This not only ensures enormous stability, but also optimal vibration transmission, faster response and longer sustain.

The exquisite ebony fingerboard and body of these excellent instruments are inlaid with unique inlays of individual beauty and elegance.

To round off the sound, the instrument is individually fitted as desired with high-quality strings from Hannabach, Made in Germany.

All guitars are delivered in a luxury case.

Each individual instrument is unique and was made by a master craftsman. Therefore, a waiting period of several months should always be expected for these unique pieces that are full of character.