Over 115 years of musical excellence

The Legacy of Rodríguez Guitars

With a history spanning over 118 years, Rodríguez Guitars has carved its name in the world of classical excellence. The Rodriguez family's journey began with Manuel Rodríguez Pérez, who, at the tender age of 18 in 1905, started his apprenticeship in the workshop of Agustín de Andrés. Over the years, Manuel honed his craft, working with esteemed luthiers such as Julián Gómez Ramírez and Santos Borreguero, while also handcrafting his own instruments on special orders.

A Rich Heritage: The Beginnings of the Rodríguez Family's Guitar Journey

In 1939, the family moved to Madrid, and Manuel Rodríguez II, just 13 years old at the time, joined the Ramirez workshop as an apprentice. He quickly developed his skills, eventually crafting his first guitar, a flamenco instrument that marked the beginning of his renowned legacy. In 1955, Manuel Rodríguez II established his own workshop, and his guitars found their way to enthusiastic musicians in France, the United Kingdom, and the USA. A relocation to Los Angeles in 1959 further expanded the reach of Rodríguez Guitars, drawing professional players, teachers, and students to the Hollywood shop.

Crafting Artistry: Manuel Rodríguez Jr.'s Evolution as a Renowned Luthier

In 1973, Manuel Rodríguez Jr., the present generation, took the reins and embarked on a new era for the brand. With a vision to share their finely crafted guitars beyond their workshop, Manuel Jr. traveled to London, forging connections with experts and garnering international acclaim through articles in prestigious magazines.

Expanding Horizons: Manuel Rodríguez Jr. and the International Acclaim

With a passion for quality and a commitment to tradition, the Rodríguez family founded their guitar factory in Spain in 1994, near Madrid. This family-run establishment embraced ecological thinking and sustainability as a core principle in their craft. Each member played a vital role in the manufacturing process, ensuring that the guitars bore the signature sound and artistry synonymous with the Rodríguez name.

 Embracing Tradition and Eco-Consciousness: Rodríguez Guitars' Sustainable Vision

Manuel Jr. recognized the market's trend of increasing demand and the need for wider production capabilities to make guitars more accessible to a broader audience. In order to meet this growing demand while maintaining the brand's commitment to quality, Manuel sought a strategic partnership with a company that could provide expertise in larger-scale production. With the help of GEWA Music, a company experienced in the music industry, the two entities collaborated to strike a balance between efficiency and craftsmanship. Together, they ensured that the essence of Rodríguez Guitars' excellence remained intact while reaching a wider community of musicians around the world.

Together with GEWA music, Rodríguez Guitars stands tall, blending classical excellence, sustainability, and a commitment to the craft. It is not just a brand; it is an embodiment of artistic expression, cherished traditions, and a harmonious connection to our beautiful world.