Manuel Rodriguez MAGISTRAL Series E Walnut all solid

SRP 1.039,00 EUR

  • Made in Europe
  • Manuel Rodríguez MAGISTRAL E-C
  • Solid classical guitar
  • Solid cedar top
  • Solid walnut back and sides
  • 4/4 size, scale length 650 mm, nut width 52 mm
  • Genuine cedro neck with ebony reinforcement, flat D profile
  • Ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood bridge
  • Genuine Spanish heel
  • Headstock rest
  • 4/4 size, scale length 650 mm, nut width 52 mm
  • Vintage (unbleached) bone nut and bridge inlay, bridge inlay with compensation
  • New 12-hole "Moreno" palisander bridge
  • Factory-fitted GEWA armrest
  • Wooden soundhole mosaic
  • Real wood body binding, multi-part purfling, white purfling on back & sides
  • Gold plated machine head with lyre, black buttons and shafts
  • Stringing: Hannabach 815HTC Silver Special with CARBON trebles, high tension, made in Germany
  • Special varnish: top shellac satin-matt, back and sides environmentally friendly polyurethane varnish, highgloss
  • Weight approx. 1.55kg/3.42lbs
  • Made in Europe
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Highgloss, silk matt shellac top
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The Manuel Rodríguez MAGISTRAL series is a fully solid model series with unique features at an extremely appealing price/performance ratio.

In addition to the use of solid woods, the original Spanish neck construction ensures fast response, optimal sound development, long-lasting sustain and maximum stability. In this royal class of guitar construction, the one-piece neck extends into the body and is directly connected to the sides, back and top. The cedro wood used for this is particularly light and optimises the balance of the guitar.

In addition, the guitars, which are handmade in Europe, have further features that are quite special in this moderate price range. These include the stabilising neck inlay made of ebony, the fingerboard (also made of ebony), the nut and bridge inlay, hand-filed from oiled vintage bone, as well as the water-based eco high-gloss varnish.

A special feature of all Manuel Rodríguez 4/4 guitars is the GEWA armrest, which offers two decisive advantages: its rounded shape ensures a particularly pleasant playing feel and allows the top to vibrate freely over the entire surface, as it prevents damping by the right arm being placed on top.

More sound, more comfort.

The innovative Moreno 12-hole bridge is specially designed to ensure that the strings always have the same contact pressure on the bridge insert. In contrast to the standard 6-hole bridge, the strings can be fastened more easily, quickly and securely. The risk of the strings slipping through and damaging the top is greatly reduced.

German-made Hannabach 815HTC strings are factory-fitted and perfectly round off the tonal quality of this series.