ACADEMIA is the first series in the Manuel Rodríguez range to feature the original Spanish heel, the royal class in guitar making. With this special construction method, the one-piece neck extends into the body and is directly connected to the sides, back and top. This not only ensures enormous stability, but also optimal vibration transmission, faster response and longer sustain.

The heart of a Spanish guitar.

The four versions of the ACADEMIA series, all in 4/4 size, differ in the beautiful decorations and materials of the top and sides. Here you have to see, hear and experience what you like better.

All ACADEMIA instruments are handmade in Europe and have additional features that are quite special in this moderate price range. These include the mahogany neck with Ovangkol fingerboard, the nut and bridge inlay, hand-filed from oiled vintage bone, and the water-based eco high-gloss varnish.

A special feature of all Manuel Rodríguez 4/4 guitars is the GEWA armrest, which offers two decisive advantages: With its rounded shape, it ensures a particularly pleasant playing feel and allows the top to vibrate freely over the entire surface, as it prevents damping by the right arm being placed on top.

More sound, more comfort.

German-made Hannabach 815HTC strings are factory-wound and perfectly round off the tonal quality of this series.

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