MAGISTRAL: our fully solid model series with unique features and an unusually moderate price range.
Original Spanish neck heel, light CEDRO neck with ebony inlay and the combination of sprayed shellac (french varnish) for the top and natural, water-based eco-high gloss lacquer for back and sides are unique!

Handmade in Europe
All Models Fully Solid

Nut Vintage Bone, hand-filed
Neck Joint System Spanish Original
Neck Material Cedro Neck With Ebony Inlay
Fingerboard Ebony
Top Solid Red Cedar or European Spruce
Back + Sides Solid Mahogany, Solid Walnut or Solid Indian Rosewood
Bridge Rosewood
Bridge Type Moreno 12-Hole
Sizes  4/4
Finish back + sides: water-based eco-high-gloss, top: Sprayed Shellac

Strings HANNABACH 815 HTC Silver-Special Carbon-trebles, high tension



D-C Cedar + Mahogany
D-S Spruce + Mahogany
E-C Cedar + Walnut
E-S Spruce + Walnut
F-C Cedar + Indian Rosewood
F-S Spruce + Indian Rosewood